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Is this a simulation package?

No. IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a serious game that can favorably be used to boost efficiency in employee and university training, as well as in marketing of industrial equipment and services. Although high-quality simulations are used by the game, it … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform on Steam

IndustrySim Virtual Platform announced on Steam!

We’re very happy to inform that the IndustrySim Virtual Platform has just been officially announced on the Steam platform, coming within a few months. Please be sure to add it to your Wishlist! We are listening to all comments, and … Read More

The Energy Spin acceleration is completed!

The Energy Spin acceleration is now completed and we’re very happy that we got this opportunity since we learned to look at things from different angles. The most remarkable thing with the acceleration was that the people there started to … Read More

City Heating Simulation in the IndustrySim Virtual Platform – A Shift of Paradigm?

Question: The IndustrySim Virtual Platform simulates the heating of buildings. Isn’t this a shift in paradigm? Answer: We definitely do not see this as a shift of the paradigm. Let’s elaborate the reasons why we have incorporated heating of buildings … Read More

IndustrySim to participate in the EnergySpin acceleration program

IndustrySim has been chosen to participate in the EnergySpin acceleration program. Our team is very pleased with this recognition which makes the considerable effort worthwhile. It should be pointed out that the energy industry is one of the cornerstones of … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform – IoT and Gaming

Question: The Internet of Things has proven useful in education and engineering, but how can it be a thrill in a game scenario? Answer: The IndustrySim scenarios are going to include many gaming events. There will be “traditional” challenges, but … Read More

Search call for the Sales Director

The IndustrySim project have now reached the milestone from where we need to expand our entrepreneur team with a fifth member who would be responsible for marketing and sales. If you are such a professional, or you would like to … Read More

Playing with Big Data and the IndustrySim IoT Shell

Question: I would like to run game sessions with Big Data analysis to get a good picture of how it could work. Is this possible to do with your IndustrySim software? Answer: Yes, it is going to be possible at … Read More

The IndustrySim IoT Shell in Action

Question: Could you please give an example of a feasible industrial IoT application? Answer: While developing the concept of the IndustrySim Internet of Things Shell, we sketched up and cold-tested an Industrial IoT (IIoT) application. Distributing electricity is much more … Read More

The IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Shell

Question: Could you please shed some more light on the IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Shell? Answer: One of the challenges with IoT is to make smart devices that show their added value to the user, justifying the investment into … Read More