IndustrySim Virtual Platform and the Big Data


I’m working on Big Data collection and analysis for the manufacturing industry. Can the IndustrySim Virtual Platform provide me with any benefits in my efforts to develop feasible and advantageous applications for the industrial Big Data?


Oh yes, absolutely! The IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a valuable tool for the industrial Big Data as well.

The IndustrySim Virtual Platform can be used to gain a clear and detailed understanding of how a certain manufacturing process works.

It is a pretty quick job to define and configure a manufacturing process in the IndustrySim Virtual Platform. Since this tool is able to both import and export data, it fits very well as a first test bench, specifically when developing software for industrial Big Data processing. Using state-of-the-art 2D/3D graphics, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will visualize your data in a very comprehensive way.

What’s more, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform is going to have a module for conducting the basic statistical analysis. This also includes tools for analyzing cyclic behavior in diverse parts of a manufacturing process.

In a nutshell, here’s how you will be utilizing IndustrySim Virtual Platform’s engine and user experience to support your Big Data development:

IndustrySim Virtual Platform and the Big Data
IndustrySim Virtual Platform and the Big Data
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