The IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Shell


Could you please shed some more light on the IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Shell?

Arduino, Internet of Things


One of the challenges with IoT is to make smart devices that show their added value to the user, justifying the investment into the embedded technology. The IndustrySim application revolves around the manufacturing industry and the surrounding infrastructure. One good example of this kind of an infrastructure is the electric grid, connecting consumers directly to the power plant.

Coal Fired Energy Plant

The IndustrySim IoT shell will allow users to build virtual intelligent devices (VIT) on strategic locations. The user (player) will then be able, with the help of visuals and scripts, program these VITs to communicate and perform assigned tasks in the realistic environment of IndustrySim.

The IoT shell provided by IndustrySim will be incredibly useful when testing new concepts and solutions – for example, building and improving intelligent electric grids and gas networks.

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